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The Black Tea From "Little England"

According to the industry expert, tea consumption has grown significantly in recent years in both eastern and western countries. Nowadays, black tea is known as the most consumed tea type around the world, which often being used it as tea base for milk tea or fruit tea due to its’ strong flavor. Since black teas are normally categorized by country and specific production area, it is believed that there are more than hundred types of black tea throughout the globe, which India, Kenya, and Sri Lanka are the top 3 black tea producers with the largest yields.

Chatime Signature Black Tea is a highly perfumed tea with light fruit note, originating from the central province of Sri Lanka- Nuwara Eliya. Nuwara Eliya, also interpreted as “city of the tableland” is situated 1200m above sea level with cool climate of 18 degrees Celsius all-year-round, surrounding by mountains, valleys, and waterfalls. The abundant natural resource in the area provides a suitable environment favoring the production of high-quality black tea. The tea industry was actually first introduced in 1867 by a British planter-James Taylor during the British rule. After years of development, tea has become the mainstay of the area and moreover whole country’s economy.

Besides being known as the largest Ceylon black tea plantation in Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya is also well known as “Little England” which it was a hill country retreat to the British colonialists back in 1800s. Until today, plenty of British colonial architectures can still be spotted in the area reflecting the colonial heritage of British Ceylon.